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Merry Christmas & Happy 2021

Dear customers and suppliers,

2020 is shortly coming to its end and what an unusual year it has been.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the business for all companies. We abruptly were forced to adapt our traveling and customer meetings and we quickly needed to change our strategy. This year practically all our meetings and negotiations have been conducted through Zoom or Teams. It worked!

Nordic Flanges Group have again gained some significant new wholesalers and OEM customers in the Nordic countries, Europe and in the US. Sales to Oil & Gas markets in Norway, the UK and Canada have due to COVID-19 slowed down compared to last year.

In spite of the pandemic, we have kept our long-term plan with significant improvements and investments. Ferral Components installed a universal machining center early this year. This machine has not only improved production time but also increase our capacity in the factory.

Nordic Flanges AB have invested in two new OKUMA machines. With these two new machines, we will be able to process and manufacture flanges and forged blanks with significantly higher and more complex requirements that our customers set and which means that we, among other things, can strengthen our position towards our OEM customers in the Nordic region and globally.

Nordic Flanges OY have just signed a new investment for a robot cell in their factory in Kronoby, Finland. The robot cell will modernize the factory's finishing of aluminum products and automate the finishing of aluminum-cast products. The robot cell also contributes to a much safer work environment. The investment expands our capacity in the factory and eliminates current bottlenecks in production.

COVID-19 is still out there and together we all need to take all necessary precautions to continue to fight the pandemic. When the pandemic is over, Nordic Flanges Group will stand fully ready to produce with full speed ahead to serve you with our high-quality products wherever you are located in the world.

We wish all our customers and suppliers plenty of good new business opportunities ahead and a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year 2021!

Frederik von Sterneck - CEO

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