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New Year!

Uppdaterat: 30 okt. 2020

Stockholm January, 2020

Dear customers,

A new, fresh year has started and there are plenty of good business opportunities ahead.

Ferral Components latest investment (the Unisign Univers 6 C2 – Universal Machining center, picture above) arrived in December and is currently being installed in our Kalajoki factory. This machine will not only improve the production time but also increase our capacity in the factory.

Nordic Flanges Group have an ambitious investment plan for both 2020 and beyond to ensure that the Group continue to strengthen our position as market leader within our specific fields of expertise.

Our team of Managers have set new challenging goals for 2020 in order to improve our over all efficiency, production capacity, quality and delivery time. Our vision and strategy for the Group and down to the local entities is set and communicated so that we all together can strive to work in the same direction to meet our customers demands and to fulfil our goals.

We all look forward to do our very best for you this coming year.

Frederik von Sterneck CEO Nordic Flanges Group AB (publ.)

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